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Data Science Career Path & Certification


6 Months

About the Course

Hands-on practice materials, labs, quizzes, and tests to learn how to utilize the skills and knowledge gained on the course and interact with some real-life programming tasks and situations. We will cover use cases from Health care, Banking and Retail Domains.


Detailed Structure of Course


· Basics of programming in python

· General Computer Programming concepts and techniques

· Object Oriented Approach

· Understanding Python Ecosystem

Machine Learning

· Foundation of Probability

· Discrete Probability Distribution

· Probability and Statistics Hands-on

· Data Handling & Preprocessing Techniques

· Linear Regression

· Logistics Regression

· KNN, K-Means Algorithm

· NAÏVE BAYES Algorithm

· Time Series Algorithm

· Hierarchical Clustering

· SVM, Stacking and Boosting

· Decision Tree Algorithms

· Ensemble Techniques

· Unsupervised Learning Algorithms

· Project Hands-on

Artificial Intelligence

· Introduction to Deep Learning (DL)

· Deep Learning Algorithms

Artificial Neural Network

Convolutional Neural Network

Recurrent Neural Network

· Building DL Application with Keras backend with Tensorflow

· Projects Hands-on

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

· Text Mining Algorithms

Processing, Retrieval, Ranking and Indexing

Chat Bot & Twitter Data Analytics

· Introduction NLP Packages and Algorithms

· Principal Component Analysis


· Types of Data Visualization

· Statistical Analysis

· SQL Basics

· Introduction to Tableau

· Dashboard Creation and Joining tables in Tableau

Cloud Deployment

· Model and Deployment in Google Cloud

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